Old Treasure


It’s been 5 years I didn’t appear here with new posts. I even didn’t remember what made me leave this blog. But then, few days ago I tried to google my name and I found this old blog. Then I tried to open my blog with some passwords. Then it’s opened!

Then I choose to continue this blog. Because I see that this blog is still working. Even in these past 5 years I remain this blog unopened at all, but there are still visitors. For example, in 2015, there are 553 visitors, that means 1 visitors per day.

Although the sum of visitor each year is decreasing but I still have interest to continue this blog. But, before I continue, I think I want to do a little change:

This blog will still contain informative posts but there will be a time when I need to post my thoughts on this. Because my brain is too busy to think and I didn’t really have to know where to ‘vomit’ all of these

Hope all of you are still be my faithful reader.


Best regards,

Michelle F. Kezia


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